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Nekra "Demo 2017" Cassette

Nekra "Demo 2017" Cassette

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Sisters of the Yam, Art School, Blood, Photoshoot, Expatriate


Riffs as wide as the Old Kent Rd., delivered on top of an icy, blasted Rickenbacker 4003 churning out enough electricity to power most of Bermondsey, big drum rhythms falling on and off the rails of the Southeastern Service at rush hour, and the pure velocity of anger blistering overtop like wind coming across Hilly Fields to tear the roofs off of South London. This music is not in the ether, this is not a notion, or a suggestion, this is live and direct and unrelenting. NEKRA sounds confrontational, like a fight we don’t know we’ve started yet, and like it does not give a shit about us or care that we feel as though deep down we’re all just nice people. Somewhere between the weight of LIFE’S BLOOD and a solid continuation from the moves of punchy hardcore punk of recent years. Moshy, loud, aggressive, uncaring, vicious, London.

Artwork by Suzi Kemp, Recorded, mixed, and mastered by the most bang for your Canuck, J. Falco

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