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Neon "S/T" 7"

Neon "S/T" 7"


Side A: Neon

Side B: Nazi Schatzi


Lost Swiss Punk Treasure! Two Song 7”EP by all female foursome NEON.

The band featured Astrid Spirig (vocals), Dagmar Heinrich (guitar), Loredana
Zandonella (bass), and Gitta Gsell (drums). Astrid was the third singer of LILIPUT and sang on both LILIPUT full length LP’s. NEON practiced for 6 months and wrote 6 songs. They played their first gig on Nov 1st 1978 at the Club Hey in Zurich. In December of that year, a live performance on Swiss television took place for a program about "women in show business.” The band wasn’t happy with the experience and disbanded a few months later only performing a handful of gigs.

Fast forward to 2016, Dagmar finds an old cassette at her home with the recordings of the two songs "Neon" and "Nazi Schatzi." These were produced for the ill-fated television appearance and are the only recorded NEON songs in existence. Covers and inserts printed by Stumptown Printers.

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