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New Berlin "Quarantine / Teenage Werewolf" 7"

New Berlin "Quarantine / Teenage Werewolf" 7"


Side A: Quarantine
Side B: Teenage Werewolf


From McAllen TX, New Berlin!!
after great LP "Basic Function" this is 2 new tracks!!
- Quarantine -  and the cover - Teenage Werewolf- ( Cramps)
 !!! - Minimal -Punk-Wave - R'n'R!!!
"That chilly post-punk feel of something that might have 
run parallel to Joy Division, but with a nonchalent deadpan 
spoken vocal deliver and guitar solos of late ‘70s early ‘80s
 American and UK punk / post-punk come to mind…think 
The Boys, Wire, or Television Personalities. "
- Super Secret recs. - 

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