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Newtown Neurotics , The "Pissed As A Newt" LP

Newtown Neurotics , The "Pissed As A Newt" LP


Side A: Intro, Mindless Violence, When I Need You, When The Oil Runs Out, Bored Policeman
Side B: Oh No!, You Said No (Thanks To Bax), Licensing Hours, Hypocrite, I Get On Your Nerves

10 songs recorded live between 1978 and 1981. Basically, their earliest stuff, although some of those songs didn't make it until their second album. If you know the Newtown Neurotics, you know what you can expect: great tuneful Punk Rock with lyrics that will make your mind busy for a while. This record is no exception. Great sound quality plus great packaging that comes with lots of unpublished photos and lyrics.

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