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No Friends Zine #4

No Friends Zine #4


Issue #4 features interviews with the saviors of American rock'n'roll, Tenement, One half of the comedy the hilarious feminist/queer comedy duo The Puterbaugh Sisters, Danielle Puterbaugh, Jakob VanLammeren, archivist of the Leather Archives & Museum, Carbondale, IL's Bad Taste, Greek post-punks Κωμωδία Θανάτου (Comedy of Death), Minneapolis basement rockers Lemonade, dozens of columns, tons of photos, and hundreds of reviews that people will inevitably love/hate.

The 7" flexi record for issue #4 will have new, and exclusive music by Tenement, Sadie Switchblade's heartfelt as fuck solo project, Dyke Drama, Chicago's DIY punk supergroup Endless Column, and Buffalo, NY's one-woman feminist dancepunk powerhouse, Jamie and the Debt.

Jamie and the Debt "Mother"

Tenement "One Thing You Can't Do"

Dyke Drama "Do You Tape The Same Songs For Him?"

Endless Column "Mister/Sister"

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