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NoBunny "Love Visions" LP

NoBunny "Love Visions" LP


Side A: NoBunny Loves You, I Know I Know, Mess me up, I Am A Girlfriend, Tina Goes To Work, Chuck Berry Holiday

Side B: Boneyard, Somewhere New, Church Mouse, It's True, Don't Know Don't Care, Not That Good


"Nobunny is certainly hitting a chord that's turning ears all over into fuzzy, pink, and protruding embarrassments.... Like a pop machine spewing out a small rivulet of hits... Nobunny's ability to deliver blithesome songs with a maddened and frothy smile is simply brilliant. His bouncy and rollicking style conjures images of dirty bubbles rising over a landscape of unkempt, and insanely catchy hooks that will have the stuffiest of the arm folding camp dancing and acting like idiots within the first couple of chords." -Brett Cross, Victim Of Time

Limited Edition on purple vinyl!!

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