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Noitalinna Huraa! "Hulalaa" LP

Noitalinna Huraa! "Hulalaa" LP



A1 Kalpeanaama 3:11
A2 Otso Karvalaulu 2:31
A3 Hulalalaa 3:46
A4 Huvikumpu 2:22
A5 Pääsiäisaamuna 3:43
A6 Tunti (Sinne Tai Tänne) 2:03
B1 Talo 2:40
B2 Aamulla 2:33
B3 Järvellä 3:24
B4 Sadi 2:55
B5 Hiehauhauhaha 1:44
B6 Vappu 2:27

This is the band's the greatest effort. One really need to understand the lyrics if he/she want to get the mood with this band. They are obscure even here in Finland, but I think the band wanted it that way so they are the winners after all! Virtuosity is far away, still they are pretty playful but yet simple with their instruments in a good way. I do ot get this "twee pop" and "revolt into childhood" shit when we are speaking about Noitalinna Huraa!. Yes they can be and sound naive, but lyrics are pretty depressing sometimes and the general mood very far away from childish.

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