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One Way Street , The "We All Love Peanut Butter" 2x7"

One Way Street , The "We All Love Peanut Butter" 2x7"


Side A: We All Love Peanut Butter
Side B: Jack The Ripper
Side C: Sally Sa-Li
Side D: (She's) Dreaming Away

It's been 50 years since THE ONE WAY STREET(S) traveled to a tiny Hamilton, Ohio home studio and bashed out 2 sides of primitive teen insanity, i.e. GENIUS! With only 500 singles pressed in 1967, few have survived and are prized by collectors lucky enough to own one. It's taken decades, but we've finally tracked down surviving members and secured the master tape from the studio. The band members have also provided unreleased tracks from a second 1967 session, included here as a second single. This release marks the first official reissue of the Sunrise label sides from the source, with painstaking analog mastering by Mr. JOHN HULL, founder of the legendary Mus-I-Col Studios in Columbus, Ohio. Packaged in gatefold double-pocket sleeves with color inserts.

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