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Pawns "The Gallows" LP


Side A: The Cross, Aberrations, The Gallows, Brimstone & Fire
Side B: Interlude, Herxing, Damascus, The Snake, Thanatos, The Pyre


After two 7″s and a split cassette (w/ Cemetery), New York City’s Anarcho-Deathrock hybrid PAWNS are poised to release their debut full length “The Gallows” this summer. Against the landscape drawn up by 80s influenced post-punk, Pawns cast a more complex shadow than it’s predecessors, exploring dark and desperate melodies, rooted in classic peace-punk yet teaming in vision and avoidance of categorization. The clean, driving basslines thump alongside a rhythmic framework of tom-driven percussion with a wash of choral echoing guitar tones. In this melodic maelstrom of bleak gothic punk sits frontman Gage Allison whose ominous vocals call to mind the genre pushing industrial post punk delivery of bands like Killing Joke. Engineered by Ben Greenberg (Uniform)

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