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Plastic EP & The Records "Best Of" 7"

Plastic EP & The Records "Best Of" 7"


Xerox Music is back with another saved artifact from the wilds of early 80's Australia. PLASTIC E.P. & THE RECORDS were from Melbourne and  released two singles between 81 and 82 which Xerox has compiled on this here slab.  "At Home" is frat rock gone new wave . Penetrators gone herky jerky. These guys were probably pretty hateable live and I love them for it. On the B side our boys have kicked out the drummer and replaced him with a drum machine that goes by the name of Dr. Rhythm. They've also added an organ player/ producer named Rudy. PLASTIC AND THE RECORDS have jumped full tilt into the new wave. We've got an organ that sounds like it was put on the tuba setting, dog barking  and baby crying samples, electronic hand claps, and they make it all work.  These guys would probably kill at a Bar Mitzvah. "Forget All I Said" almost has a Stranglers feel to it. Xerox Music thanks for bringing PLASTIC EP & THE RECORDS into my life.

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