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Psihokratija "Album Mentalnih Fotografija" Cassette

Psihokratija "Album Mentalnih Fotografija" Cassette


After the Trobecove Krušne Peći LP and Quod Massacre CS, here's yet another Yugoslavian repress from the eighties in our catalogue, and hopefully, one of many to come.

PSIHOKRATIJA were a duo from Belgrade, Serbia, playing a gloomy hybrid of minimal-synth, darkwave and brooding new wave. After that, Gorjan Krstić recorded a second album with different people, that was never released and shortly after that, PSIHOKRATIJA disbanded and faded into obscurity.

The tape begins with 'Who Is Alive, Who Is Dead', which is the only track here sung in English, the rest is in Serbo-Croat and these unique sounding vocals and languages helped Psihokratija stand apart from many other artists in the same music batcave of that era.

If you're into the darker side of eighties music, you should not skip this brilliant hidden gem. As far as references go, Psihokratija's atmospheric and haunting sound could appeal to fans of early Cure, new wave era Killing Joke or the classic Sisters of Mercy sound.

Recorded in Belgrade in 1988 and originally self-released (also in 1988) only on tape, "Album Mentalnih Fotografija" (which roughly translates to 'Mental Pictures') was the only published release from Psihokratija. Doomtown's version is the official reproduction of the 1988 tape remastered from the original master tapes and approved by the band and Gorjan Krstić. Limited to 125 copies!

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