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Purple Wizard "Cream Of The Crop" Cassette

Purple Wizard "Cream Of The Crop" Cassette

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Ex-Prissteens Lori Lindsay and Leslie day with fellow cohorts Bill Peitsch (RIP), Dave Lindsay, and Jon Chalmers deliver fhe harmonies of 60's Girl Groups with the rock and R&B punch of Stax Soul. This release collects all 3 singles in their entirety, a slew of comp tracks, unreleased cuts, and some favorites from the one and done Purple Wizard debut full length, All lovingly remastered by Patrick Haight.
Purple Wizard were a bands band. Every cool musician, artist, or journo was a huge fan, but they remained a cult band that didn't quite break through at the time. They counted among their fans Shane White (Rip Offs, Pure Filth Zine), you can see his bawdy and raunchy Purple Wizard reviews below, as well as reviews from Lord Rutledge, Current FASTER AND LOUDER head honcho, but former kingpin at the defunct Now Wave Magazine. This release is very special to us here at Girlsville and i'm quite sure you'll understand why after giving a listen.


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