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Putrid Fever "Do You Remember?" LP

Putrid Fever "Do You Remember?" LP



A1 Draw Of Fear
A2 Motorhead
A3 Reality
A4 Anger
A5 Song From War
A6 Mix Blood
A7 Goophy
A8 Rats
A9 Putrid Fever
A10 Vietnam 83
B1 Aikido
B2 Never Again
B3 Reggae People
B4 Aikido
B5 Never Again
B6 Life Is Pain
B7 Period Of Slump
B8 Showman
B9 Can't Hope In Dead
B10 Rhythms Of Paranoia

Tracks A1 to A10 originally released as "Putrid Fever" tape in 1984.
Tracks B1 to B3 taken from Spittle's 1984 "Goot From The Boot" Compilation LP.
Tracks B4 to B5 taken from the 1984 "Ribelli Uniti Records" compilation tape.
Tracks B6 to B10 originally released as "Putrid Fever" 7" on Belfagor Records in 1985.

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