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Questions and Answers "Tell Us The Truth" 7"

Questions and Answers "Tell Us The Truth" 7"

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS EP with four brand new songs. The humid humming punk rock that is good at them is still alive as usual, and although I can not avoid the keyword "UK 80's" "SHAM 69" in talking about QAA, it is afraid to accept it from the front right and the first song is " Tell Us The Truth ". No matter where you cut it from, this is a "masculine, hilarious" phrase on parade. I suddenly caught my eyes at eyes.
The second song that follows also the band name that you got from the song title of "SHAM 69", which was also a songwritten title, "QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS". The guitar that drives strongly with catchy is cool in any way reminiscent of PROFESSIONALS. And the third song "Skinhead - town" which impressed the chorus which pressed points was impressive unexpected demonstrates the goodness of sense that THE BLOOD crosses his head. In the last 4 songs "Rights And Duties" mixed with running feeling and sadness, the melody line kneaded without gaps can not be said anything wonderful. I think that it is one piece proved without difficulty that it is not an archive band just trailing "UK 80 'S", with more variegation added, as it is the momentum of EP and VA of the previous work. Four songs of fulfilling contents that the current smooth band activities are prosperous in the sound, but four songs that makes me want to listen more.

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