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R.A.S. "Rien A Signaler" 7" ( RAS )

R.A.S. "Rien A Signaler" 7" ( RAS )


Side A: Mort Pour La France, Couleur De Ta Mort

Side B: Rien A Signaler, Chasse A L'Homme, Votez Pour Moi

Reissue of one of the most famous 7'' of the french punk/Oï scene: R.A.S. "Rien à signaler" 7". First production of Fomb Records in 1983, it has been for a long time a rare and sought after record in french punk/skinhead scene. In 2012, Euthanasie Records had already repressed this classic. Being out of print, we repress it with a slightly different sleeve (non foldout sleeve, new back sleeve, 4 pages insert still with lyrics and a band story). Songs like "Mort pour la France", "Chasse à l'homme" or "Votez pour moi" are now classics of the french Oi! culture and here they are available again.

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