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Rapt "Thrash War Discography 1984/1987" LP +7" + CD

Rapt "Thrash War Discography 1984/1987" LP +7" + CD


"Noise with distortion - it's the Thrash core. Musical destruction, now another war... it's an expression. Here's the Thrash War!" these are the lyrics of the title track, to give you a picture of the sonic hecatomb that these French maniacs were spawning. Out of tune guitars, manic fast drumming and rabid vocals.. logos of LARM, KAAOS, HEADCLEANERS, EU'S ARSE on their jackets. And their only 7" released on "Caos Produzioni" by the singer of WRETCHED. So you can easily guess how they were sounding. RAPT were certainly not the earliest Hardcore/Thrash band in the 80ies' French scene but certainly one of the fastest and noisiest. This total discography set authorized by the band's bass player and screamer Olivier collects their Split 7" with Final Blast, all their demos (also including the 3rd one recorded in NYC with a different line-up) and a very detailed selection of rare recordings, most of which have never been released to date. Each session has been transferred from the mastertapes provided by the band and accurately mastered for vinyl, you have never heard the RAPT sounding so powerful and clear as on this ultimate release. Housed in a gatefold sleeve with a fanzine styled booklet full of photos, flyers, zine excerpts and original artworks. The extra 7" has the NYC demo 1987 while the bonus CD has all what you'll find on the LP and 7" + some bonus live and rehearsals


Demo I (Recorded In May 1985)
A1 S.A.C.
A2 Guerre Chimique Pt. 1
A3 Incommunicabilité
A4 Apocalypse Now
A5 Catastrophe
A6 K.S.D.
A7 Afrique Du Sud Pt. 1
A8 Amer Bilan
A9 Apartheid
A10 Torture
A11 Stupides Terroristes
A12 Mauvals Délires
A13 Absurde
A14 Déflagration
Tracks From "Infernal Noise" Comp. Tape (Recorded in 1984)
A15 Anti-Nous
A16 Catastrophe
"Invasion" With Alternate Intro, From Split Tape With LÄRM (Recorded In 1985)
A17 Invasion
Demo II (Recorded In November 1985)
B1 Thrash War
B2 Afrique Du Sud Pt. 2
B3 Guerre Chimique Pt. 2
B4 Le Pen, Non!
B5 Division Charlemagne
B6 Zyklon
B7 Anti-Skinhead
B8 Disorder
B9 Nazis & Communistes (N.C.B.)
B10 No Need For Melody
B11 Déflagration 2
B12 Torture 2
B13 Invasion
Live 12/4/1986
B14 Blacklisted
B15 Instrumental
Demo III - New York, August 1987
A1 Intro
A2 Those We Pay
A3 Mad Obligation
A4 National Frontshit
B1 Production Factory
B2 Dramatic Nightmare
B3 South-Africa SS
B4 Happy New Year
Demo I /Recorded In May 1985)
01 S.A.C.
02 Guerre Chimique Pt. 1
03 Incommunicabilité
04 Apocalypse Now
05 Catastrophe
06 K.S.D.
07 Afrique Du Sud Pt. 1
08 Amer Bilan
09 Apartheid
10 Torture
11 Stupides Terroristes
12 Mauvais Délires
13 Absurde
14 Déflagration
Tracks From "Infernal Noise" Comp. Tape (Recorded in 1984)
15 Anti-Nous
16 Catastrophe
"Invasion" With Alternate Intro, From Split Tape With LÄRM (Recorded In 1985)
17 Invasion
Demo II (Recorded In November 1985)
18 Thrash War
19 Afrique Du Sud Pt. 2
20 Guerre Chimique Pt. 2
21 Le Pen, Non!
22 Division Charlemagne
23 Zyklon
24 Anti-Skinhead
25 Disorder
26 Nazis & Communistes (N.C.B.)
27 No Need For Melody
28 Déflagration 2
29 Torture 2
30 Invasion
Demo III (Recorded In New York, August 1987)
31 Intro
32 Those We Pay
33 Mad Obligation
34 National Frontshit
35 Production Factory
36 Dramatic Nightmares
37 South-Africa SS
38 Happy New Year
"Noise Session" 1986
39 Untitled
40 Thrash War
41 Guerre Chimique
42 Déflagration
Rehearsal 1986
43 Amer Bilan
44 Stupides Terroristes (Take 1)
45 Stupides Terroristes (Take 2)
46 Mauvais Délires
47 Apocalypse Now
48 Torture
49 Catastrophe
50 Afrique Du Sud
51 Incommunicabilité
Live 12/4/1986
52 Live 12/4/1986

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