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Ratbag "Freeballin" LP

Ratbag "Freeballin" LP


Side A: Sorry Sick, Root N Boot, Deviant, Freeballin, Success, Liz Orourke, Transit Cops, Sentence Death

Side B: Chubby Chaser, Scrotis, Ratbag, School Fight, Ball N Chain, Lad Girls, Avatar

Classic Aussie punk drawing from the likes of DRI and Heresy. Heaps of blasts and plenty of thrash! Recorded in 2011 and released posthumously.

A member from the band reached out to me and were passionate about getting this into some ears in the US and I was happy to help him. The band broke up during the pressing and he was bummed to have these just sit around. Selling these pretty cheap so take a chance. You won't be able to find these anywhere else in the US (I think).


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