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Real Losers, The "Music For Funsters" LP

Real Losers, The "Music For Funsters" LP


Side A: Look Real Sharp, Brainwash City Again, Birdbrain S.O.T., Just Too Late, Tear Me Apart, Mongoloid, Pop-A-Doodle

Side B: Let's Get Stoopid, My Rocket Radio, Endless Summer, Teenage Treatz, Watcha Know About Me?, Just A Runaround, Boy In A Chinese Shop, Move It


Oh, best record I’ve heard in a while.. Great follow up and maybe an even better record than their debut! Not as much Teengenerate-souding but yet with that primitive, patented Real Losers sound. A tiny bit more fidelity and some great songwriting makes this one helluva record and definitely takes the prize for best record of the summer. I’m sure this will be on my top ten at the years end

Whooaaaaaa!!!! Talking about a party album!! After their raw-assed blasting debut album on Squirrel Records, 'Music For Funster' is another noisy punk rock 'n roll attack that'll make you swing the curtains & go completely berserk! Adrenaline-driven & way over the top, this is the kind of record that makes my day! If you don't get a kick out of this, uhm... well, I suppose you better keep on comparing the latest range of megapixel camera cellphones...

I liked the Losers' first LP quite a bit, but this, their sophomore effort, just ups the ante by a re-fucking-cockulous degree. All of the trademark hyperactictive- teenagers-off-their-ritalin-and-on-too-much-booze energy they're known for can be found here in abundance, but they've added on heaps of melody and gobs of hooks, making this a cant miss concoction for any summer time parties you might be thinking about crashing. Hit singles? You're kidding me right? This whole album is fucking top of the pops from start to finish. One question remains however: just what exactly is a "funster." I'll have to corroborate this with the band, but my guess is that it involves getting yourself three sheets to the wind on Sparks at the aforementioned party, listening to the first Ivy Green album way too loud while some girl you just met sits on your lap, somehow deciding that dancing naked is a good idea, and in mid-depantsing some goofball kicking you ass first down a flight of stairs. Laying there in a drunken heap at the bottom of the stairs, your pants around your ankles and the strains of someone fucking to Teengenerage in the bedroom above you mixing with the sound of a bunch of people singing along to Protex in the basement you havejust landed in, you realize you have to be up for work in three hours. Naturally, you get up, slide out of your pants, walk up the stairs, get another sparks, and invite the girl to come "take a load off" on your lap. If you've ever had a night like that, or even if you want to, I think you just might be a funster, and as such this is the perfect record for you.

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