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Replacements "The Early Mats" LP

Replacements "The Early Mats" LP


Side A: Careless, More Cigarettes, I Hate Music, Rattlesnake, Takin A Ride, Raised In The City, Love You Till Friday, Like You, Shoot Me Kill Me

Side B: If You Get Married, Street Girl, Sixteen Blue, Who's Gonna Take Us Alive, Gary's Got A Boner


These lovable chumps invented the gags that became the underground orthodoxy: 70s nerd wear, Kiss cover tunes, and shifts from feedback excursions into tender melodies. Four scruffy Catholic boys that drank too much cheap beer and wore too much eyeliner for the hardcore sect, they defined the ultimate punk brat image while releasing some immortal recordings. This first era of the band spawned some unforgettable relics for us to enjoy: constant drunken wisecracks, guitars that careened for delicious cheeseburgers, bus stop sensitivity, out of tune thrash tantrums & more and more Kool cigarettes.

Sorry Ma outtakes

Hootenanny outtakes

Let It Be outtakes

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