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Revenge 88 "Belgian Waffles" LP

Revenge 88 "Belgian Waffles" LP

"Hello again to all  bloody belgium punk fans !!!It's here and it's a beautifull new release from Belgian Waffles Records,following the Stagebeast 7" out a few month ago , we continue the "north coast"punk history with a 12" from Revenge 88 , in fact this is the band which
followed Stagebeast, nearly same line-up , fronted by Frank Dubbe, who's
still singing in a more rock'n'roll version of Revenge 88 today...
On this 12" you'll find the "A" and "B" sides of both ( and only ) 7's from the band ,
both out on J.D.M. in '81 and '82 , two collectors 7's today , try to find one... .
In addition to those 4 songs we added an unreleased cut found on the master .
In fact , we were hopefully surprised to find the original master when we were 
searching for band photos and archives , which is more than rare in Belgian
punk investigations , so aside the punk/wave hit "Neon light" , "Alone" , "Thousand
years from you" and "Unwanted son" you can hear for the first time in 35 years
the song "Babylon" from the same session than "Neon light" , just another killer
recording , no more !!
The record is filled with a double sided color insert with cool photos and  other 
memorabilia , a text by Stephaan Delarue, a close band fan and friend from
the early hour. 
Now it's just time to get a copy and play it loud and louder on 45 rpm , cheers !!!" - Belgian Waffles
Side A: Neon Light, Alone, Unwanted Son
Side B: Babylon (unreleased), Thousand Years From You
Tracks 1 to 4 are taken directly from original master tape.
Tracks 1 & 2 were released as "Alone" 7" J.D.M. Records in 1981 (JDM2)
Tracks 3 & 5 were released as "Thousand years from you" 7" J.D.M. Records in 1982 (JDM 3)
Track 4 "Babylon" is an unreleased song from the one and only master tape known and hopefully saved for your dirty ears!!!
Come with insert with photos and history by Stefaan Delarue and Thomas Goze.

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