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S.B.F. ( SBF ) "S/T" 7"

S.B.F. ( SBF ) "S/T" 7"


Side A: Halved Snake, A Haunting We Will Go

Side B: Paused, Burn Both Ends


We are pretty excited to release the debut 7" from S.B.F., soon as we hear their demo we were hooked. Originally release on cassette on Abnormal Broadcasting, mastered by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory for vinyl and it sound KILLER.

S.B.F. is a project made up by two Californian dudes that you’ve probably already heard of at one point or another, assuming that you’ve been keeping a close eye on my channel over these past few months: these two dudes are Cruz Somers—the guy behind L.A.’s Socialites (including the project’s live outfit, which features Raymond on guitar, his eponymously-named solo-projects (notably “UV-B” and “Beneath My Blood”.

S.B.F. seems like a delightfully-eccentric halfway point between Cruz’s “UV-B” and Raymond’s “Race Car”, with the two sharing a similar light-hearted sense of melodiousness and techy-influence when it comes to the blatant drum machine usage, while doing without some of the gloomier aspects of UV-B’s musicianship.

Not-surprisingly enough, the merger between Cruz’s vicariousness and Raymond’s succulent twang (I feel REALLY dirty saying that) makes for an utterly-infectious collection of quirky melodies, being further accentuated by the dissonance brought forth by their dual-guitar set-up

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