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Schizo "Before The Collapse" LP + 7" + CD

Schizo "Before The Collapse" LP + 7" + CD


Tracks A1 to A7 and 4 to 10: “Total Schizophrenia” – Demo 1986

Tracks B1 to B6 and 11 to 16: “T.T.U.T.T.K. [Thrash The Unthrashable - Thrash To Kill]” – Demo 1985

Tracks C1 to D1“ and 1 to 3: "M.F.C. [Main Frame Collapse]” – Demo 1987

Tracks 17 to 20: “Private rehearsal tape – May 31, 1985”

Limited edition to 300 copies on black vinyl in gatefold sleeve.
Comes in four panel insert with interview and pictures.


A1 Electric Shock
A2 Just Before I Die
A3 Psycho Terror
A4 Deathstress
A5 Nazi And Proud (X)
A6 Breathe The Violence
A7 S.O.J.A.R.
B1 Nazi And Proud
B2 Breathe The Violence
B3 Fucked Directions
B4 Shouting Of Joy After Revenge
B5 Hardcore Life
B6 Schizophrenia Part One (Bass Solo)
7" EP
A1 Sick Of It All
A2 Violence At The Morgue
B1 Main Frame Collapse
1 Sick Of It All
2 Violence At The Morgue
3 Main Frame Collapse
4 Electric Shock
5 Just Before I Die
6 Psycho Terror
7 Deathstress
8 Nazi And Proud (X)
9 Breathe The Violence
10 S.O.J.A.R.
11 Nazi And Proud
12 Breathe The Violence
13 Fucked Directions
14 Shouting Of Joy After Revenge
15 Hardcore Life
16 Schizophrenia Part One (Bass Solo)
17 Hardcore Life
18 Nazi And Proud
19 Fucked Directions (Initial Version)
20 Gas Chamber (One Morning In Auschwitz)

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