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SCIENCE PROJECT "Basement Blues" 7"

SCIENCE PROJECT "Basement Blues" 7"


Side A: Diary, Oh Boy, Deformed Depraved, Beautiful Human

Side B: Discogs Attack + Might Makes Right, Sick In Halifax



In a world so helplessly inundated with backwards politics, farcical personas, senseless hatred, and an unfortunate mix of the three, it’s no surprise that a pseudo-extraterrestrial being is capable of putting our miserable lives into perspective; entirely within the run-time of an average 7” vinyl record, at that. Nova Scotia’s Cody Googoo is perhaps best known for his involvement in countless other Halifax-based punk groups, including – but not limited to – Booji Boys, Grump, Alienation, Negative Rage, and Unreal Thought, but after undergoing an aural smorgasbord of tonal distortions and processing, this Canadian mutant has since adopted a shrill, discordant, otherworldly sound fitting of the “Science Project” name. Compiling the solo-project’s two preceding EPs, Science Project’s “Basement Blues” is an equally discomforting, compelling, otherwise insulting collection of alien-like rock ‘n’ roll sure to disgust audiophiles and mutant freaks alike, incorporating herky-jerky riffage, off-beat rhythms, and degrading vocal warblings to illustrate an unflattering portrait of humanity, leaving the listener to wonder whether Cody’s tongue is firmly planted in his cheek or he just doesn’t like you much. And yet, despite this verbose, long-winded summary, the title of Science Project’s debut EP still manages to describe its music best: “Demented Rock for Depraved Humans”.

Risographed covers (Oddities Prints), black vinyl, sticker included

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