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Screaming Dead "Songs 82-85" LP


Side A: This Is The End Of The World, Nuclear Apocalypse, Damned Generation, She Was Done In By A Nutter, God Of Love, Do You Wanna Cremation, Western Front, Valley Of The Dead, Schoolgirl Junkie, Lilith, Warcry

Side B: Night Creatures, Angel Of Death, The Lovers, Serenade Of Suicide, The Night, Johnnie, Tower Of Babel


Excellent compilation of the early Eighties Screaming Dead material. Here we have the first two demo tapes in all their entirety, 4 out of 5 of their EP's and a couple of never heard before songs. The booklet is a masterpiece. Every night creature that is into this goth/punk revival should owe this one!!! - Agipunx

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