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Self Abuse "State Mind 82 to 84 w/ bonus 7" (collected and unreleased recordings)" LP

Self Abuse "State Mind 82 to 84 w/ bonus 7" (collected and unreleased recordings)" LP


An essential collection from UK Punk Rockers ‘Self Abuse’ from Bournemouth, Dorset. These delinquents formed in 1982 while still teenagers, played out and released the fantastic ‘State of Mind’ demo. 1983 found them releasing the ‘Teenage Demo’ and playing loads of gigs with the likes of Subhumans, A-Heads, Cult Maniax, Screaming Dead, Cult Maniax, Butcher, A-Heads, Amebix, Admass, Organised Chaos, Madmass, Last Orders, Confession of Sin, Idiom Tribe, Shrapnel, The Samples, Screaming Dead, Shock to the System, Breakout, , Atrox, The Parasites, amongst others.
In 1984 the ‘(I Didn’t Wanna Be A) Soldier’ EP was released by the Radical Change label and went to number two in the Independent charts thanks to the support of fans like the great late John Peel. Not to be ones who would sit around they recorded another fantastic demo in 1984.
Often described as a cross between Stiff Little Fingers and Chron Gen,we feel that may be a bit simplistic as they have their very own sound loaded with plenty of attitude and smarts.
Our must have LP collects their awesome 84 ‘(I Didn’t Wanna Be A) Soldier’ EP, their 1984 Demo plus the sought after 1982 State Of Mind Demo. As a special bonus a 7” of an unreleased 82 demo is included.

Limited edition of 300 colored vinyl copies, don’t wait these won’t last long.

For Fans Of:
Stiff Little Fingers
Chron Gen
The Insane
The Skeptix
Court Martial

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