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Sheer Mag "S/T UK PRESS" LP


Side A: What You Want, Sit And Cry, Point Breeze, Hard Lovin', Fan The Flames, Travelin' On

Side B: Whose Side Are You On, Button Up, Can't Stop Fighting, Worth The Tears, Night Isn't Bright, Nobody's Baby


Sheer Mag’s Compilation LP features the Philadelphia rock band’s three seven-inches, released between 2014 and 2016. All twelve songs were recorded onto the same vintage 8-track tape machine, carted to various locations around Philadelphia. The first two were produced in a makeshift studio wedged between two bedrooms in the band’s former South Philly house, while the third came out of a practice space in the Port Richmond neighbourhood. Sequenced chronologically, the newly remastered songs reveal a young DIY band finding its sound.

The LP is packaged inside an embossed gatefold sleeve with a heavyweight innersleeve.

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