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Skullcrack "Full Blast" 7"

Skullcrack "Full Blast" 7"



"Angry music ain’t easy. Maintaining peak levels of disgust with sociopolitical hierarchies, religious bastardization, or the human race in general takes a lot of elbow grease. Skullcrack have it figured out, though. Two releases in and these SoCal hardcore merchants have forged a punishing blend of machine-gun blast-beats, damaged riffs, and vocals that seethe and blister with the wrongdoings of mankind. Imagine catching a fleeting glimpse of an artillery of tanks engulfed in flames barreling by your living room window, but by the time you dart out your front door to get a better look, it’s vanished. The demolition is swift and the carnage scorched.
The key selling point of this band for me is the range of heavy they can hit you with in the first 30 seconds during which their songs typically have you by the ear. My personal favorite song on this 7" is definitely “Skullcrack”. These guys take the feral snarl of the guitar and put enough raw anger into them that they are transfigured from just cool riffs into honest expressions of their worst feelings." - Bored To Death

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