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Snails, The "Demos" 7"

Snails, The "Demos" 7"


Side A: No Time, Clones, Buried In Dirt

Side B: I Become, Shit, Big Mistake



There’s an obvious joke to be made here. Something about how a band called “The Snails” has adopted an infectious, blisteringly fast sound akin to early surf-like hardcore, or in other words, the very last type of sound you’d expect to hear from a band named after a creature whose top speed can hardly break double digits – in decimal points. But if there’s a joke about it worth mentioning, it should be immediately disregarded as to not detract from what great, audibly-satisfactory grooviness The Snails have achieved in this “Demos” 7”. Compiling two crowning gems of the Abnormal Broadcasting library – The Snails’ “Demo” and their subsequent “Buried In Dirt” EP – onto one convenient wheel of wax. While the songs themselves are rather melodic and loaded with an intoxicating amount pep, the temperamental neurotic behind the mic assures the listener will never feel at ease with his sudden alternations between innocuous, sing-songy whines to outright frantic, larynx-shredding howls, all of which lining the toe-tapping rhythms and sugared, ear-nuzzling hooks – at least, said hooks WOULD be “ear-nuzzling” if they weren’t also searing-fucking-hot. Essentially, The Snails are super-charged surf rock ‘n’ roll kings that are too damn good for this shithole of a planet, so if you’re a fan of expressive, danceable punk, this is the absolute last record you’re gonna want to sleep on.

Reverse Board Jackets, Black Vinyl, Two-Sided Risograph Inserts (Oddities Prints)

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