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Snooty Garbagemen "S/T" LP

Snooty Garbagemen "S/T" LP


Side A: Sad Sack, Apart At The Seams, You & Earnie, Don't Know How To Play Guitar

Side B: I Quit, Ain't Got Shit To Do, My Keys, Superman, Heavy Metal Brains, Live On The Moon, Live On The Sun, Cigarette Juice, Outta Here, Answer The Phone


"You might be familiar with guitarist Tom Triplett from such groups including but not limited to The Real Energy, No Talk, Hammatsu Tom & the Kroger Sushi River Band and the Homopolice. In more recent times, perhaps you've stood, jaw agape, stunned by Tom's performances and recordings with OBN III's or BLAXXX. Now, in the summer of 2015, Tom emerges from the shadows of those acclaimed projects, preparing to cast a huge shadow on HIS NEXT BAND.

Tom is accompanied by drummer Josh Wolf (Secret Prostitutes, Sick Abuse, Crime Wave, The Real Energy, Bloody Hammer, Lysol S.S. and many, many more) and bassist Manie Chen (Titan Blood)

“And it weren’t enough one of ‘em pick up a harpsicord, and another a drum or a psaltery or penny whistle, but then they insist on shining ‘em up to start a tune. Cats, caterwaul, howler monkeys, howl, but none so dire as this. 

To the music of harps, lutes, gitterns, they danced and played at dice both day and night. And ate also…though the dustbins be up-ended and their contents piled half to Babylon, this up-reaching company ever lingers about the pub hearth, crowing and plopping about like three grand Neros. 

There is Toff-in-Gaiters. Of course his real name is not Toff, but Tomm Triplett ; we only call him Toff as a joke, partly because he is a dustman, and partly because he will dress so showily, and get as much gold on him as a baron of the Middle Ages. He plays guitar and also sings. And why should he not if he likes?

And t’other gentleman, who would be known as Harold Uppermast or Renard de Villiers or some similar sobrequiet likely cribbed from a garden registry , though he be born Josh Wolff, is more milk and watery wit you than I’ll be. But he hasn’t borne the Roman yoke as I have, though a drummer he in harness to a drum, such a harness compares not thereby, nor yet he hasn’t been required to pander to your depraved appetite for miserly characters know, so of course we jest with him. 

The only one to eschew the climbing hothouse ivy of a fanciful name, Manie Chemin remains. Manie Chemin. Of music, and his attachment to the bass guitar, however, he is wont to speak : in my father’s house there were seven grand pianos. After further drinks, he will gladly increase the number of pianos, and even the number of fathers, though his hands —- engloved as they were —- perhaps chilly, perhaps emblazoned with the ribald history of South Sea seamen, his hands say mum. 

About the justifications for music and the needs for it to be played at all times, and in every place we are in concord with the protocols of Austin. There must needs always be more music then, and for all occasion. Thus, thence these Snooty Garbagemen hastened, to zither and harp and tambor as the lark tambors, to the attention of microphones and other attuned devices as deemed fitting and decorous by Orville Neeley The Third, of the Austin Thirds, for two summer days in 2014. In my father’s house there are nine of ten grand pianos indeed.” - Tex Kerschen, On The Custom and Goings On of Snooty Garbagement" - 12XU

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