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Speedtwins "It's More Fun To Compete" 2xLP

Speedtwins "It's More Fun To Compete" 2xLP


Side A: Speedtwins, Motorbike Song, Sadie Slider, So Why Pretend, London, Midnight Ladies, Bomb In The Jukebox

Side B: My Generation, Stiletto Heels, Herbert's Hoover, Two Friends, Domino, Two Wheels, Blackmail

Side C: Lies Lies Lies, Selfmutilation, Silver, Wounded, Side Show, Motorbike Song (Ver.2)

Side D: Modern Dancing, Twilight Zone, Brain Damage, Two Wheels (Ver.2), Lies Lies Lies (Ver.2), Cages, These Boots

"Originally issued in 1978, Speedtwins' debut album marks the very first Dutch Punk full-length. This unique reissue features an awesome second disc containing 13 previously unissued cuts from the same era. Classic as punk gets! Limited to 500."

I doubt I'll be able to get this in again...

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