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Spits "19 Million AC" LP

Spits "19 Million AC" LP


Side A: 19 Million AC, Shitty World, Dumb Tease, Cha Cha Love, Remote Control, Black Car, Drop Out, Drink Fight & Fuck, Violence Cup, Kill From The Heart

Side B: Wendy O, Violence Cup, Pissed Off Baby, Beat My Head, Let Us Play Your Party, Fire, Space Guitar, Talkin Bout You, Die

 BACK IN PRINT!!! A rip-it-up collection of rare and out-of-print material from punk rockers the SPITS. Includes all the songs from the band's 19 Million AC 7-inch EP, and a handful of rare and unreleased gems-including covers of GG Allin's "Drink, Fight & Fuck" and the Dick's "Kill From The Heart." 

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