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Spits "S/T" (Wheelchair) LP

Spits "S/T" (Wheelchair) LP


Side A: Spit Me Out, Black & Blue, PCT, Let Us Play Your Party

Side B: Rat Face, No Place To Live, Bring, Take Back The Alley, She Don't Kare


Drunk, misogynistic, and stupid... classic street punk sans politics meets early 80s arcade game psychedelia. A destined classic for garage snobs, crusties, and rock & roll visionaries... this record rocks harder than you do, dickhead -Bazooka Joe, resident Las Vegas Shakedown DJ "Best record of the year? That's so easy, man. The SPITS album #2, on Slovenly Records (sic). The guitars sound like food processors! -Ruby Mars, Rocket From The Crypt, during an interview with DevilInTheWoods Magazine (issue 5.1)

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