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Spodee Boy "S/T" 7"

Spodee Boy "S/T" 7"


Side A: Big Spud, III, Sterile World

Side B: Lover Boy, Downtown, Purple Bodies




So a few months back, a handful of nondescript, primitive-sounding audio files were sent to my email address – and by “a few months back”, I actually meant that they were sent to me way the fuck back in January, back when I was still sitting around five hundred subscribers and was somewhat entertained by the idea of 2016 being a good year for me (it wasn’t). Assuming my math’s correct, those files reached my inbox almost an entire year ago. As previously mentioned, the production behind these tracks were somewhat primitive, and lacked the polish needed to make the songs sound universally appealing; the auditory depth was about as shallow as the average celebutantes’ standards of self-worth, and the mixing left the vocals muddled and the instrumentals helplessly blown-out. As imperfect as these files were, I was still able to make out some of the truly solid moments that effectively conveyed the potential these recordings had – not that it left any sort of longstanding-impressions on me or anything, because if I’m gonna be honest, I had almost entirely forgotten about those files’ existence up until this point. It wasn’t until this one guy, who chooses to willingly calls himself “Spodee Boy”, reached out to me last month that I was finally able to put two and two together, and realize what the fuck came from those long-forgotten recordings. For what was once an undistinguished selection of lo-fi, blown-out garage rock tunes self-released under the name of “Spud” is now an actual, physical run of cassettes, each containing remastered takes of those past Spud recordings; except now, “Spud” is better known as “Spodee Boy”.

A whole fucking year, with absolutely zero updates on this “Spud” deal, and it turns out that the project was right under my nose this entire time. I mean, I’ve been aware of this Spodee Boy thing for a little while now; catching his name written in fine print on select gig flyers, seeing his Soundcloud songs sprinkled throughout my various feeds, occasionally making note of the stupid name on my Facebook friends list. Hell, I even included a newer song of his, “Sweatin’”, back in one of my older mixes, yet I still had no clue that I’ve unknowingly known about that project for fucking months. Both Spud AND Spodee Boy have always been there, but I never, EVER knew that they were. So, with the recent release of Spodee Boy’s debut tape, I figure there’s no better way of celebrating such an occasion than to upload it onto my channel – except this time around, these songs are infinitely times better. They’ve been given the treatment that they most certainly deserve, accentuating these scathing, demented garage rock jammers through proper mixing and a discernable boost in fidelity. I find the majority of these songs to be absolutely exhilarating, at least up until the much-needed intermissions interspersed throughout the stream of angular riffage and abrasive rhythms (for someone who’s supposedly never played drums prior to creating Spodee Boy, he sure knows how to punish my eardrums) that come in the form of slower-paced, controlled bouts of similarly-rigid instrumentation; “Sterile World” and “Lover Boy” are the songs that fill this role, alongside “Purple Bodies”, which is a song I consider to sound too demented and capricious to classify as anything but straight-up insane. But if you’re simply looking for blisteringly-fast punk rock n’ roll to occupy your senses with, then Spodee Boy’s definitely got that covered for you. Spodee’s got a bright future ahead of him, I can already tell – assuming he doesn’t change his name and go Carmen Sandiego on my ass again, I mean.

Oh, right. Spodee Boy wanted me to convey a little motivational message for you runts:

“Doing Spodee Boy helped me out when I was feeling lost and depressed and helped me make friends with people who I might not have met otherwise. I didn't know how to play drums before this and I feel like that's why most people don't do recording projects, so I guess I just want to tell everyone that they can all do this shit and to borrow your friends stuff and make some cool music!!!” - Jimmy


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