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Stres D.A. / Depresija / III.Kategorija Split LP



A1 Stres D.A.* Bla
A2 Stres D.A.* Laž
A3 Stres D.A.* Izdaja
A4 Stres D.A.* Domovina
A5 Stres D.A.* Modra Avtoriteta
A6 Stres D.A.* Vonj Smrti
A7 Stres D.A.* Bojevati Se Za Nič
A8 Stres D.A.* Brez Besed
A9 Stres D.A.* Spoznaja
A10 Stres D.A.* Tesnoba
A11 Stres D.A.* Strah
A12 Stres D.A.* Propadanje
A13 Stres D.A.* Človek Stroj Sistema
B1 Depresija Selekcija
B2 Depresija 20. Stoletje
B3 Depresija Življenje
B4 Depresija Suženj Sistema
B5 Depresija Depresija
B6 III. Kategorija Hočem Stran
B7 III. Kategorija 100 Stopnic
B8 III. Kategorija Bršljan
B9 III. Kategorija Za Tebe
B10 III. Kategorija Alkoholna Pozaba
B11 III. Kategorija Vdan V Usodo
B12 III. Kategorija Vizija
B13 III. Kategorija Zakaj Sem Bil Lutka?
B14 III. Kategorija Kup Dreka
B15 III. Kategorija Manijak

limited to 300 copies!


After some unexpected arguments and discrepancies between some ex members of III.Kategorija , the rest of the members and Rest In Punk label have decided to remove all the material that the band recorded after the original line up was changed in 1986. This new release contains only material when III.Kategorija played fast speedy metallic HC in its best quality and when many people rightly called them one of the best European HC bands. Instead of long and metal songs the band members decided to add two bands that was created before III.Kategorija . In this way we show how the history of III.Kategorija was created. The sound went from total speed HC (Stres D.A.) from 1983 through a bit slower HC (Depresija) in 1984 to fast metallic HC (III.Kategorija) in 1985. The whole story is explained by KURI, the original and founding member of Stres D.A , Depresija and III.Kategorija. And so this release presents music from Stres D.A , through Depresija to III.Kategorija. This record includes recordings by Stres D.A from 1983, recordings from Depresija from 1984 (never before released) and the first demo recorded by III.Kategorija from 1985, from which some songs were used for the compilation HC LJubljana record in 1986. This is the music evolution that started in 1983 with Stres D.A and ended in 1985 with III.Kategorija.

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