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Styrenes "Cle 76 - 79 Unreleased" 3x7" Box

Styrenes "Cle 76 - 79 Unreleased" 3x7" Box


A collection of all previously unreleased recordings by Cleveland's art punk pioneers. Songs ranging from prog played at punk speed such as John Morton's “It's Artastic” or "Circus Highlights,” the pure rock mayhem of “Jaguar Ride” that might as well be a Klimek original to “Empty Vessels” with lyrical themes never to be re-visited. These songs were all recorded at their own Styrene Studio. Features ex and future members of Mirrors, electric eels, X__X, Feelies, Pere Ubu, Easter Monkeys, Terminal Lovers, The Golden Palominos, Lounge Lizards, Swans, Foreign Bodies. Edition of 400 copies on black vinyl packaged in full-color hinged boxes with an 8-page booklet.


A1 Op. 12
A2 Jaguar Ride
A3 Beauty In Flesh
A4 Empty Vessels
B1 It's Artastic
B2 I Saw You
B3 Nineteen Sixty-Seven
C1 Everything Near Me
C2 Penthouse Legend
C3 Circus Highlights
D1 Murder Me
D2 Overload
E1 Girls Will Be Girls
E2 Brian's Song
E3 It's Artistic
F1 Where The Girls Are
F2 Major Minor

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