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Sunday Painters "4th Annual Report" LP


Side A: Flex, Sand-Froid, God Is My Biro, Love Factory, Surface Paradise

Side B: Through A Shattered Lens, Imagend, Concertina, Confession, Re/Flex

"The second album by Australia's Sunday Painters. Originally released 1985 on their own Terminal Records in an edition of 250 copies. Includes a booklet insert and a download card for all songs, including a radio performance from December 1982" - Terminal Records

"An ecstatically weird mix of skewed pop, art, and noise... like a cross of early Swell Maps, the Velvets, and Cabaret Voltaire. The Painters' unheralded genius and brutally emotive live performances have long boiled at the edges of sub-underground history. Ignore at your own risk." Byron Coley

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