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Suspicious Beasts "Used To Be Beautiful" LP

Suspicious Beasts "Used To Be Beautiful" LP



A1 Sister Maree
A2 Darkest Sunshine
A3 Punch Me In The Face (The Golden Coulds)
A4 Let's Go To The Chuch
B1 Let Me Breathe
B2 Jail Inside Of Your Heart
B3 Pretty Horse

hoo-ray! this is the coolest record we heard out of Japan since years! end! stop here!
You need the full story? Then it has to be started back in the day when this rocknroll counter revolution spaceship was geared up in high school. Isn´t it a coincidence the legendary TEENGENERATE play a long awaited show in Europe in two weeks? Fink and all the kids kicked off the golden 90´s of Japanese buzz saw punk with the RAYDIOS, FIRESTARTER, HAVENOTS and a bunch of killer 45 from Nippon.

They saved us from getting shitted in grunge hole (or any other) till the end of the 21st century. That times when we´re addicted to RIP OFF & CRYPT laboratories, we didn´t have facial hair but and tons of energy and bus ticket to LAZY COWGIRLS show. Today, wise as the corner thimblerig, we know what these bus tickets & import records been worth on our never ending mission pouring out our, indeed, superior taste of rock'n'roll. In this matter, the WILDWAX crew made it to Japan to hang out with the NOVICE and the SUSPICIOUS BEASTS, arriving back at our premises with some vinyl to set the fire! Now we present the fully grown re-issue of the fantastic debut album with the same energy to us as aforementioned bands by these Tokyo madmen forming the SUSPICIOUS BEASTS. Initially released by BLACK HOLE records we´re stoked to have the limited run (in reverse cover artwork) ready for their 2013 European tour. We knew that your best of 2012 list still isn´t ready yet! "Used to be Beautiful" is an amazing record overflowing of gritty power pop hooks, garage rock destruction, country bitterness, cartwright afficionadoism, and wild folk distortions. It´s like bringing punk intensity & fun into those 60´s psych mind control nightclubs. Your choice of a 45 RPM evil indian summer hits or sweetened agent orange sunsets. Blown out manic harmonicas, fuzzed acoustic guitar, roaring organs and singer Yusuke pull you in the lonesome alleys of rocknroll where sweet dreams can break like hipster glasses. For all rocknroll bonsai farmers out there - right at the moment when you promise the afternoon to your takeaway cucumber salad you see the threatening storm is in the distance and the air is full of leafs and sirens. As on the last day, you empty all your pockets and kick in hallucinogens & light the worst stuff when the BEASTS transfix you upside down at the a barn door. So sewer rats of the muddy basements of the MOJOMATICS, DEADLY SNAKES, GOODNIGHT LOVING, REIGNING SOUND, PUSSYWARMERS, MUJERES if you swim to Japan, this is called home!

MRR - MAXIMUMROCKNROLL(US) #369 Almost immediately, this Japanese band reminded me of REIGNING SOUND, complete with some organ and harmonica. I’m really glad I got this one. Awesome crooning over ’60s garage inspired pop? Yes, please. Mix tape gold! No lyrics included. (DZ)

SUNDAY EXPERIENCE (UK) In short the dogs danders, this babe is so hot it literally melts the turntable on impact. Many thanks are due to those dudes over at alien snatch who shipped this beauty out in quick fire time. Mentioned in passing a little while back in despatches this is the limited re-press of Japans Suspicious Beasts’ debuting full length platter entitled ‘used to be beautiful’. to cut to the chase a grade A slab of smoking rock-a-hula is what’s on offer for your hard earned readies which from the minute the stylus crackle fades on the opening ‘Sister Maree’ to its reluctant release at the parting ‘pretty horse’ will have the purists among you simply swooning and wanting more. Amid these grooves there are nuggets aplenty from the hot rodding rubber burning scowling and smoking hot ‘let’s go to the church’ – a blistering cover of a (I’m embarrassed to admit unfamiliar) lost gem by the hit here grilled, souped up and fitted with a full on kick ass V12 grind much reminiscent of the Mono Men at the height of their powers to the slinky and demurred 50’s shoo bop of ‘punch me in the face’ rethreaded here with a killer Thunders / Palladin like vibe that tailgates their rendering of ‘love is strange’ – this album just doesn’t understand the notion of disappointing. ’darkest sunshine’ is ablaze in howling harmonicas from out of which the sounds of frenetic and frenzied riff scowls surge to a dirty, raw and primal coda that heads might imagine being the sound of a rabid Baby Woodrose with a rocket up their back pipe. And just when you think it can’t get any better the subtly sexy ’let me breathe’ saunters in with the ghost of Link sitting on its shoulder to cook up a wig flipping strut gouged blues shimmy. Add in to the mix the previously mentioned ’pretty horse’ which still sounds to these ears like a kooky kaleidoscopic 50’s bubble grooved haze refracted through an Elephant 6 collective lens by Olivia tremor control and neutral milk hotel under the ever watchful eye of the mercurial Meek whilst ‘jail inside your heart’ is just pure classic era lazy eyed Neil Young. All said best of the set by the merest whisker is the opener ’Sister Maree’ – I kid you not when I say I’d sworn I’d died and gone to heaven upon hearing this for this honey swoons and kicks with such honky tonk flair as to have you thinking it was the Small Faces channelling Dylan. Absolutely essential listening. 

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