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Syl Johnson "My Funky Funky Band" LP

Syl Johnson "My Funky Funky Band" LP



A1 Send Me Some Lovin'
A2 Try Me
A3 I Feel An Urge
A4 I Resign
A5 Love Condition
A6 Going To The Shack
A7 Don't Give It Away
B1 My Funky Band
B2 Sockin' Soul Power
B3 Double Whammy
B4 Take Me Back
B5 I Take Care Of Homework
B6 Let Them Hang High


Nobody - and I do mean nobody - has a funkier band than Syl Johnson! His famous Chicago outfit cooks up such powerful rhythms that there isn't an R&B band in all the land that can come close to touching them. When Syl's out front in the spotlight, delivering his dynamic vocals while his funky, funky band lets loose with their unstoppable rhythms, I defy anybody with two working ears not to head straight to the dancefloor.

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