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Teengenerate "Live At The Shelter" LP

Teengenerate "Live At The Shelter" LP


Side A: A1 Intro A2 Get Me Back A3 Mess Me Up A4 1979 A5 Human Tornado A6 I Don't Care A7 Dressed In Black
Side B: B1 Sex Cow B2 Gonna Feel Alright B3 Front Page B4 Let's Get Hurt B5 Outta Sight B6 My GTO B7 So Bored B8 Hippy Hippy Shake B9 Wild Weekend

I'm going to guess that pretty much nobody reading this needs to be told about Teengenerate; they're one of the most rightfully-revered punk rock bands of the past 25 years! That said, this is still the very first time ever on vinyl for one of their greatest recordings, 2001's "Live At Shelter". I was in Japan when this came out, and it seemed to be playing in every store we visited. My friend and I were totally stoked on it, but decided to hold off on buying the CD and wait for the LP...which never came. Fourteen years later, I'm very pleased to be able to make this happen.

Fifteen tracks of high-octane, high-energy raw punk here, and don't be scared by the 'live' angle-- this sounds better than most of their studio records. Played with both the swagger to win over fans of classic garage rock and the fury to appeal to '80s hardcore enthusiasts, this is truly one for everybody.

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