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Toy Love "S/T" 2xLP

Toy Love "S/T" 2xLP



A1 Squeeze 3:30
A2 Rebel 2:12
A3 Don't Ask Me 2:44
A4 Sheep 2:44
A5 Bride Of Frankenstein 2:07
A6 Amputee Song 2:34
A7 Good Old Joe 2:20
B1 Squeeze 3:31
B2 Sheep 2:42
B3 I Don't Mind 1:59
B4 Swimming Pool 2:30
B5 Death Rehearsal 3:16
B6 Unscrewed Up 2:37
B7 Toy Love Song 2:41
C1 Photographs Of Naked Ladies 3:51
C2 Lust 2:06
C3 I'm Not Bored 4:18
C4 1978 2:39
C5 15 2:34
C6 Cold Meat 3:06
C7 The Crunch 2:19
D1 Wanna Die With You 1:56
D2 Don't Catch Fire 3:21
D3 Green Walls 2:22
D4 Pull Down The Shades 1:40
D5 Frogs 4:44
D6 Fast Ostrich 1:01
D7 Radio Hauraki Jingle 0:30
D8 Second To Last Song Toy Love Wrote (With Ad Lib Lyrics) 3:20


Evolving from Dunedin band, The Enemy, Toy Love had a brief but bright existence between January 1979 and September 1980. Invoking the ghost of punk and the melody and creativity of 60-70s pop, they were peerless at a time when New Zealand music was still struggling to imprint itself on the national consciousness. They became a model for local musicians around the country and inspired the birth of Flying Nun Records – a label which many from the band went on to work with, including Chris Knox and Alec Bathgate with the Tall Dwarfs and Paul Kean with The Bats.

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