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Trashmen , The "Surfin' Bird / King of the Surf" 7"

Trashmen , The "Surfin' Bird / King of the Surf" 7"


In November 1963, the Trashmen came roaring out of the frozen, landlocked expanses of Minnesota to shake the foundations of Western culture with their debut release "Surfin' Bird." Two and a half minutes of gleeful, unhinged garage abandon, it set a standard for transcendent teen dementia that's never been bested! In the early months of '64, just as Beatlemania was beginning to hit America, the Bird ascended to the Number Four spot on Billboard's singles chart, as well as becoming a seminal smashin' such far-flung locales as Australia, Sweden, Mexico and Venezuela. "Nearly half a century later, these hearty heartland heroes are still rocking up a storm, and their signature tune\'s iconic status is stronger than ever, recurring in numerous movies, TV shows and commercials, and inspiring cover versions by the Ramones, the Cramps and countless others. But the original is still the greatest!" Now that the entire world knows that the Bird is the Word, Sundazed Music presents this immortal rock 'n' roll landmark the way it was first heard in 1963. Paired once again with its equally inspired original B-side "King of the Surf," this is the ultimate "Surfin' Bird" experience!!!


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