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Tropical Trash "Southern Indiana Drone Footage" LP

Tropical Trash "Southern Indiana Drone Footage" LP



An assured transmission of unfailing dark energy emits from the speaker cones of TROPICAL TRASH. Taking the thrust of their first record, UFO Rot, and lacing it with the dread that life at sea level 2018 gets you, you are left with one of the best statements in über rock available in the current police state. The steam coming off this band at recording was apparent, as the recording is shit hot coming from jetting in fresh from a European tour. The songs swing with the assured machinery of weeks on the road but breathe with the freedom of a band operating on all cylinders. For almost 10 years, Tropical Trash have been dumping acid in the water supply with their angular brand of the rock music style. While their first 7”’s and LP have been well received, this new record is a true step into the pool of pure pineal gland panic. Paranoia and hallucinogenic terror make up the backbone of this record, with the blunt drunk swing of amyl huff from the back speakers coming from a Radio Shack two-way playing the most future rock available to nerd burglars everywhere. National Waste Products is a new place to hear sounds from the same dumpster fire as Load Records. Its like a whole new label.

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