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Uniform "No Trending" LP

Uniform "No Trending" LP



A1 Algorithm Man
A2 Altar State
A3 Crystal World
A4 Memory Form
A5 Dream Sequence
B1 Parallel Android
B2 Bored Voyuer
B3 Euphoric State
B4 Information Highway
B5 Obelisk Erection
B6 Possession


I was in the lab for 2 years working on this. Honing and layering. Trying to come up with some things to say, but I'm braindead from our release show last night and have to head to work, but here are some kind words about the LP from my brilliant friend Nick Goode. Also first come first serve, first 100 copies of the LP come with a tape that includes demos for the LP and new songs, along with tracks that influenced my writing. Only available from myself and Scavenger of Death.

"As technology continues to overpower norms, government, and man himself, No Trending finds Uniform exploring the evaporating boundaries of programming and free will, of vain spikes and no-states, of calculus and chance. Terminating psalms for a world more steeped in apocalypse than we know, odes to the realization that nothing can be realized. Bleak outlook in the eyes of a hopeful painter, harnessing the various negative and less negative energies of Atlanta into something profound, a humanity oddly synthetic."
-Nick Goode

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