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Urban Dogs "S/T + Bonus Album" 2xLP

Urban Dogs "S/T + Bonus Album" 2xLP


35th Anniversary reissue of Punk rock collaboration (UK SUBS' Charlie Harper with THE VIBRATORS' Knox, with the Subs Alvin Gibbs plus Matthew Best), + bonus, previously unreleased LP with 3 7" b-sides and a live gig. First time on vinyl since the original 1983 release. Gatefold sleeve with the original artwork, a photo-collage by Knox (in tribute to the Stones' Exile on Main Street cover).
In 1983 the UK Subs and the Vibrators found themselves at a loose end after some lengthy touring. Old friends Charlie Harper and Ian 'Knox' Carnochan got together and started making some music they shared a common love for.
Along with a cover of the New York Dolls and Iggy & the Stooges, they added their own compositions that fitted. A couple of punk classics emerged; 'New Barbarians' and 'Limo Life' were both chosen for release as 7" singles. Charlie and Knox, as the Urban Dogs went on to record a number of further albums together, and the collaboration continues to this day.

Disc 1: New Barbarians, Limo Life, New Baptism, I Need A Slave, Dragnet, War Baby, Human Race, I Wanna Be Your Dog, Sex Kick, Be Friends, A Bridge Too Far, Human Being
Disc 2: Speed Kills, Cocaine, Warhead (extended), New Barbarians (live), Wanna World (live), I Wanna Be Your Dog (live), Warhead (live), The Word (live), Limo Life (live), Troops of Tomorrow (live)

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