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Urochromes "Trope House" LP

Urochromes "Trope House" LP



On their first long player, Urochromes complement their catchy-as-fuck punk bangers with colorful experimental rock that choogles forth like the waters of the Mississippi River Delta where it was recorded. There are classic Urochromes chargers like first single “Hair So Big” and the catchy kiss-off “Millieux” that pair Dick Riddick’s concise and explosive playing with some of Jackieboy’s best sketches of uptight, paranoid characters on the edge. 

“Rumshpringa” plays it straight with a beautiful slow-burning riff and soul-searching lyrics (”When do I get my Rumshringa?... / I want to lean back in time like that Tower of Pisa”); it’s a new Urochromes classic where Riddick’s licks spark and lilt through the bridge toward the closing verse’s poignant refrain. The more experimental tracks, like the unhinged cover of Bikini Kill’s “Resist Psychic Death,” must be heard to be believed and show a band that gives not the slightest fuck about acceptance within the circles of boring cookie-cutter punk.

Combining the raw sound of Gary Wrong’s Jeth-Row Studios, where the album was tracked with the talents of longstanding Urochromes engineer Will Killingsworth (Dead Air Studios), Trope House delivers the most hi-fidelity Urochromes recording to date without sacrificing any spontaneity or power. Featuring artwork by John D Morton (Electric Eels). Mastered by Carl Saff. First Edition of 1000 vinyl records.

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