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V/A "Bloodstains Across Texas" LP

V/A "Bloodstains Across Texas" LP




Legionaires Disease Rather See You Dead
Next* Cheap Rewards
Plastic Idols I.U.D.
Inserts Doctor's Wives
AK-47 (2) The Badge Means You Suck
Skunks (2) Earthquake Shake
Stains John Wayne Was A Nazi
Bobby Soxx Scavenger Of Death
Bobby Soxx Learn To Hate In The '80s
Huns (2) Busy Kids
Offenders Lost Causes
Inanimate Objects The New Ones
Telefones* She's In Love With The Rolling Stones
Bodysnatchers* Are You Into Destruction
Nervebreakers My Girlfriend Is A Rock
Vomit Pigs Baby's Playing Games
Really Red I Was A Teenage Fuckup
Ejectors* Hydrohead

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