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V/A "Bored Teenagers Vol. 8: Great British Punk Originals '77-'82" LP

V/A "Bored Teenagers Vol. 8: Great British Punk Originals '77-'82" LP

WOW-ZER........ It is now OUT, the latest volume of this highly collectable series! This volume is out a lot quicker than usual due to the fact we have found a lot of great tracks that we didn't want to sit on any longer!!!!

We are proud to feature the following gems….

Side one kicks off with one of the most exclusive and rarest of all the Oi! records ever released and come straight off the master tapes with a slightly different intro…. The PORNO CASSETTES gives it to you straight! No messing about! For over 20 years, collectors from around the world were looking high and low for this 7”. The majority of collectors had given up hope and put it down as a myth and that it was never released. So Detour got involved and after a lot of searching, looking though old electoral roles we came up with and address for the band. Read the bands story in the booklet… Following on we managed to salvage these studio recordings from an old cassette tape, we give you THE DESTROYERS who were the house band at the famous Liverpool Club back in the late 70s, ERICS. Not much is known about this band as there was the real deal and never posed for photos! The next two tracks you’ll going to love or hate. Very basic and minimalist but it is the first time that THE OBTAINERS have ever been on a compilation with unreleased tracks. With their Cure connection they have increased in popularity….. Side one finished off with three tracks from the Scottish Punk band the Drive….. All tracks have been taken direct off the master tapes so they sound as crisp as the day they were recorded. Two of these tracks were the bands follow up single from ’78 but sadly the band imploded before they saw the light of day. The band never thought they would ever be released as the master tapes were left at an ex girls friend flat back in ’79. Luckily for you and us, the ex still had them in her attic!

Side two kicks off with this Bristol based band. We ummed and arghed about putting this band on our series as they weren’t your typical 1,2,3,4 Punk band of the time. If we had to describe them we would say Rick Wakeman jamming with the Stranglers with members of XTC playing along. Don’t be put off, these tracks will get into your head and will be banging away for weeks…. Next up is one of my favourite bands from the ’77 period, THE CRABS. These two tracks are a little bit special as they feature the late great GARY HOLTON. The two tracks have never ever be heard before and were recorded in between the HEAVY METAL kids splitting up AND before the NEW HEAVY METAL kids starting up. Following up we give you this Scottish powerpop classic from HAMILTON. Side two ends with four tracks from Brums illusive Punks THE VICTIMS. All four of these tracks have never been released officially ever! PLUS the first time ever in this series!! The vinyl version features a track that is NOT on the CD version….. As usual, the vinyl version is limited to just 500 copies and comes with a 16 page booklet with rare photos and info from the bands direct!

Side One
The Porno Cassettes Your Face, A Fucking Disgrace
The Porno Cassettes Dead End Yobs
The Destroyers LA Storm Drain
The Destroyers Outcast
The Obtainers Pussy Wussy
The Obtainers Black Haired Drag
The Drive Jerkin’
The Drive Queen Of The Bitches
The Drive Steal Yourself

Side Two
Dry Riser Screen Gems
Dry Riser Colt 45
Dry Riser Jonathan Fish
The Crabs We’re All Crazy
The Crabs Documentary Re-Run
Hamilton Jet Set Girl
The Victims I’m Laughing At You
The Victims Pogo
The Victims Destitute
The Victims Rich Kids (Only featured on vinyl version)

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