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V/A "Estamos En La Sima" 2xLP

V/A "Estamos En La Sima" 2xLP


Quoting the liner notes included in this record: “This recording was made in 1989, in the basement of Alejandro Restrepo’s house (Ex-Tenebrarum), in a neighborhood called “Niquía de Bello” in the suburbs of Medellin, Colombia. […] We hope that this new edition helps to reflect the history of blood and noise we lived back then.” That’s exactly the point: a history of blood and noise portrayed by some of the most angerful and violent realities from the South American underground of the ’80s. What we have here is one of the greatest Colombian Hardcore compilations, right there with “La ciudad podrida” and “Rodrigo D. no futuro“, for the very first time on vinyl getting the deserved F.O.A.D. treatment. ATAQUE DE SONIDO, CRIMEN IMPUNE, DISKORDIA, BASTARDOS SIN NOMBRE, HERPES, DEXKONCIERTO, HP/HC… 7 bands ranging from Noisecore/Punk to classic LatinoAmerican Hardcore and even Grindcore in the case of HERPES, all of them characterized by an incredible amount of rawness and uncompromised fury.
Compiled under direct supervision of the people that put this project together back then, audio restored and mastered from the best sounding sources in existence, from a selection of 5 different first generation tapes that were used to dub copies of the original version. Unreleased bonus tracks on the HP/HC side. Gatefold sleeve, a stunning 20 page full colored booklet with a wide selection of photos and flyers of each band, liner notes. 180 gram vinyl! If you’re into South American Punk/Hardcore at the crudest form, this is a mandatory add on to your collection! All copies pressed on 180 gram vinyl.

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