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V/A "Forbidden City Dog Food" LP


Side A: Crystals "The Screw", Kenny Henkle's Friends "The Bee", Invictas "The Hump", Mercedes and the Bluenotes "Do The Pig", JJ Jackson "O-Ma-Liddy", Sparkles "The Hip", J Buck and the Blazers "Forbidden City"

Side B: Kingpins "Ungaua", Florence Pepper "China Rock", Rod McKuen "Noisey Village", Dynamos "Wow Wow Yea Yea", Sliders "the Lamb Shake", Wes Dakus and Rebels "Sour Biscuits", "Dog Food"


"Cool 60s wild and wacky comp. featuring Crystals, Invictas, Sparkles, Wes Dakus… Includes unlisted radio clips of horror movies and other ads between songs!" - Label


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