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V/A "iV3SCR / The Great Complotto"

V/A "iV3SCR / The Great Complotto"


The first reissue for this Italian New Wave masterpiece. Includes A CD of the full album plus 5 bonus tracks, which were originally released in 1981 on a 7" EP that was included with the ONDA 400 fanzine

Side A: Sexy Angels "Mathematic Mind", "Neutronic War", Gigolo' Look "Elegant", "Nouveau Riches"
Side B: Cancer "Naonian Style", "Wheels", Mess "Kunst Und Technik", "Get Proud"

1 Sexy Angels Mathematic Mind
2 Sexy Angels Neutronic War
3 Gigolo' Look Elegant
4 Gigolo' Look Noveau Riches
5 Cancer* Naonian Style
6 Cancer* Wheels
7 Mess Kunst Und Technik
8 Mess Get Proud
9 Andy Warhol Banana Technicolor We Aren't Devo Revo
10 Fhedolts Monster In The Disco
11 001011011100...Cancer 000 011
12 Mind Invaders Stealnak
13 Sexy Angels Devil

Sexy Angels: Recorded in Harpo's Studio 1981

Gigolo' Look: Recorded and mixed at Harpo's Studio, 1981

Cancer: Recorded and mixed, Harpo's Studio, 1981
[On the cover appear also as 0010110000010011 and 001011000001001110001011000101010010 - Cancer]

Mess: Recorded in April 1981 Harpo's Studio

The Great Comploto production.

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